There are few things in life that make us giddier than the first warm day of spring. But we confess that there’s always one tiny moment of sunshine-induced panic when we can’t help but think my skin is not ready!—for tank tops, sundresses, and all the other comparatively revealing clothing items (and shoes) that have been hiding in the back of our closets all winter.

That’s why this year we’re vowing to be ready for the big spring skin reveal. We’re declaring April our spring skin boot camp, when we’ll hit our most annoying skin issues with the most-proven, instant-gratification(ish) fixes recommended to us by top dermatologists. Want to join? Here’s how to target each problem zone with treatments that should get you visible results in a month or less.

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Skin Issue: Red Elbows

Quickest Fix: Much like knees, elbows are thin-skinned and subjected to tons of friction, so treat them gently in advance of short-sleeves season. Apply an over-the-counter cortisone cream like Cortaid once or twice daily until the redness subsides. Don’t try to smooth out this issue with a body scrub. “If skin is red and inflamed, do not aggravate it with exfoliation,” Frank says. “Exfoliation is only for when skin is thickened and flaky, not irritated.”

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