Simone Biles has had quite the year. From the 2021 Olympics to headlining the Gold Over America Tour, it’s been nonstop work for the gymnast. That’s why it’s great to see her taking some well-deserved time off—as evidenced by her latest Instagram. 

In a new post from November 30, the 24-year-old is hanging out beachside wearing a patterned bikini, her hair in butt-length braids. She looks so peaceful and relaxed! I’m jealous! 

“Never met a beach I didn’t like,” she wrote in the caption. When a beach looks like this (clear water, golden sand, and blue skies for days), what’s not to like? 

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Simone Biles was one of many athletes who performed in the Gold Over America Tour, a gymnastics-meets-pop spectacle in which gymnasts performed their routines to high-energy music. “What I’ve learned from this experience is everybody is unique and beautiful in their own ways, and we each have something different to offer. That’s what makes this show so amazing and so special,” Biles told Glamour about the tour. 

She continued, “In a lot of the shows, we’ve had some people in the front row that have just gone ballistic when we’ve come out, that have been screaming. They’ve been so into the show and into our accomplishments; it’s just been a beautiful moment that we’ve had to share with those fans. This is why we do it; this is the passion we have. They’re our daily reminders.”

And when asked about what’s next after the GOAT shows, Biles said, “Life after the tour definitely equals quality time with family and with friends. I’m going to go home and get some rest and go on vacation for Thanksgiving, so I’m super stoked about that.” It’s good to see she’s keeping that promise. Enjoy your vacation(s), Simone Biles! You deserve.

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