Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, famously sports long, dark shiny hair. However, it seems she’s also going for a 2020 makeover—and her new look is downright bold…by royal standards. The mother of three got caramel blond highlights and she looks lovely!

Kate debuted the new hue in a video posted to the Kensington Royal Instagram account, thanking participants for showcasing their work in her Hold Still photography project. A longtime photography enthusiast (she takes almost all of the portraits and candids of her family that we see released on holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions), she launched the project in May in conjunction with the National Portrait Gallery. 

In the video posted this November, she mentions that 31,000 images of life under lockdown were submitted. Of those, 100 pictures were selected and then exhibited online and across the country on billboards, bus stop ads, screens, and other public spaces. 

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The duchess’s hair transformations have always been subtle yet on point. In July of this year, she sported some shorter layers to frame her face (what the Brits call “fringe”) and was leaning toward a sort of chestnutty color. Last fall she played around with honey highlights too, so maybe this is her autumnal tradition? Just as the leaves change color, so too does the hair on the head of Kate Middleton. Foliage, but make it fashion.

Given how strict royal protocols are, it’s unlikely we’ll see her do anything more dramatic than this. But for what it’s worth, we think she looks great with blue tips or a big pink streak. Better yet, what if she brought back her bangs from 2016? 

You know she would crush the curtain-bang trend we’ve recently seen on Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande. We would love to see it. 

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